Security Training       

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Security Training DVDs and Other Materials for

Corporate and Contractual Security Officer Training, Hospital

 Security Training,  Workplace Violence Training,

Staff Personal Safety Training and Courses in

 Aggression De-escalation


Communicorp Incorporated has been designing and providing
Industrial, General, Corporate and Healthcare Security

 Training Materials
 since 1983.  
With over 3,700 clients in 35 countries, we are confident that what we have created

will enhance  learning for officers, employees, and consumers of your services.

Explore our site and let us show you how we can help you improve the quality

of the services you provide  and the safety of the environment

in which you serve.



   General Security Officer Training
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      Hospital Security Officer Training
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School Safety & Security

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Communicorp Incorporated offers SIXTY- FIVE training DVDs

FIFTY- EIGHT of which come with pre- and post-tests,

answer keys,  behaviorally stated training objectives,

 content outlines and  from TEN to SIXTY pages of support and

 training materials on  hardcopy master or on a separate CD.


There are only  six Communicorp  training titles that do not

 have any  accompanying handout or testing materials,


 SAF921, ND01, ND02, HS404, HS703, and IA798.


We offer Security Officer Training materials utilizing DVD Video

 and Seminars designed  specifically for Training Industrial, Corporate

and Healthcare Security Officers,  Supervisors, Non-security Employees,

 Hospital-based and Home Healthcare Professionals, and Educators.


All of our DVDs are hand checked before shipment.

We duplicate our products onto DVD - R  dvds and you must have

a PROGRESSIVE SCAN DVD player to show them. 



* VideoPlus means that any program we provide to you, we, as educators,

have personally used in a classroom setting with "REAL" learners.

Specialists with First Hand Experience in the Delivery of Security and Safety Training

 in Corporations, Industry, Government, Education and Healthcare since 1983.

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For detailed information on any product or help with determining which products

best meet your organization's needs,

Please Phone

1 800 367 9274


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